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Our Menu

Mega Sizzler

Menu Item Types: From The Grill

A choice of three meats presented on a hot skillet and served on a bed of onions with sausage, onion rings and a side of French fries.

Step One – Choose your first meat

  1. Steak
  2. Peppered steak
  3. Lamb chop
  4. Minted lamb chop

Step Two – Choose your second meat

  1. Pork steak
  2. Chinese pork steak
  3. Gammon
  4. Chicken fillet
  5. Garlic & herb chicken
  6. Cajun chicken
  7. Piri piri chicken

Step Three – Choose your third meat from the list above

Upgrade to homemade chips, spiral fries or a jacket potato for £1.20